Our Hiring Process

At White Memorial Medical Center, providing the best possible care begins with selecting the right candidates through our recruitment process.

The application process

All currently openings are posted on our web site and updated daily. Interested candidates must complete an online application through our web site for consideration. Our recruiters review new applications on a daily basis and will send an email to each applicant confirming receipt of the application. Candidates who meet the requirement of the applied position are sent to the hiring manager for review. Upon review, one of our recruiters will call applicants to schedule an on-site interview.

The interview process

Interviews are arranged through the Human Resources department. We are located on the ground floor of the north building. Candidates may park in the underground parking structure accessible from Cesar E. Chavez Avenue.

  • Prior to meeting the hiring manager - Recruiters will contact candidates to schedule an interview. Candidates will meet in the Human Resources department for a short interview with a recruiter.
  • Meeting the hiring manager - The recruiter will escort the candidate to the location of the interview.
  • After the interview - Parking validation will be provided to each candidate. Because the length of time to fill a position can vary, the candidate should follow-up with the recruiter with any questions or concerns. Upon satisfactorily interviewing selected candidates, the recruiter will be in contact with each candidate regarding the status of the open position.

Additional screening

  • All nurses must complete a computer application test that assesses basic computer skills
  • RNs and monitor technicians applying for Critical Care positions are also given an EKG test
  • Additional screening is conducted based on the applied position

Upon accepting an offer

Candidates who receive and accept an offer will go through a 4-step process:
  • A background check will be initiated
  • A portion of the required paperwork will be emailed to and completed by the candidate
  • An appointment will be scheduled to complete paperwork, collect work employment eligibility documents and licensure/certifications, and provide information regarding new employee orientation
  • The pre-employment physical is scheduled and completed

The new hire orientation process

We offer new hire orientation twice a month. It is mandatory for all new employees to attend and complete orientation prior to beginning work in their department.

Nursing orientation

  • There are two days of general orientation for all new employees

Nursing orientation

  • RNs are required to attend three days of Project Intellicare training
  • LVNs are required to attend two days of Project Intellicare training
  • CNAs are required to attend one day of Project Intellicare training
  • RNs and LVNs are given a drug calculation test
  • RNs and LVNs are required to participate one day-long skills lab

Nursing orientation

  • Leadership orientation is a requirement of all new employees at the leadership level and is scheduled on a quarterly basis
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